From this personal journey where sordid and hope constantly coexist, we will remember this inexorable rage to live to testify about the unspeakable and injustice.


Inspired by my numerous journeys, I wrote my first book "Le Chatiment des elites" in August of 2011, a novel that gives pride of place to the cult of the vigilante as it is known in romantic and epic literature.

In captivity I published "Qaptif", dictated using secret phones to my wife Isabelle. Qaptif tells the story of an entrepreneur from fancy cocktails and embassies to hell in the most ruthless jails in the world. My thriller "Wind never changes direction...its man who sometimes turns his back on it", was published simultaneously.

On my return to France, the 5th of July 2019, I published "InQarcéré". This work describes the hell of the prisons, the cohabitation with dregs of humanity, the compromises of French diplomacy.