Wind never changes direction…its man who sometimes turns his back on it.


The discovery in the entrails of the land of human sacrifices announces a new thorny quest.



A breathtaking thriller which has connections around the world and covers many generations. We encounter an anarchist police commissioner, a revolutionary hunchbacked teacher, a paedophile priest, a Jewish expert palaeontologist, a satanist sect and murders all based on historical fiction.

Peter, an anarchist commissioner in recovery, sees himself solicited for a murder story even stranger. His sixth sense is going to lead him into the bowels of the earth and discover horrors, made of human sacrifice, where notables much less scrupulous are involved.

  • Excellent thriller where the author leads with brilliant literature, history and life.

    Isabelle Paugam
  • If this is a first try, it's a masterpiece. I can't wait to read another book by this author.

    Patrice Bourotte

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