The Elites’ Punishment


In a corrupted society where the privileged inherit instead of meriting, a vigilante tries to make reign Talion's law.



There are no circles of power in which wealth is not founded upon theft, usurpation and murder.

In the endangered Republic, people are prey of the elements. Rivers carry souls, the sky selects its targets and the sun blinds the just. Under the seal of the state secretary, the Republic is prey and predator! The heads of the nation's elite bathe in unhygienic gutters. The most influential men in the economic and political spheres pay with their lives to belong to the occult circles of power.

In the shadows roams a faceless vigilante whose motives remain mysterious. Only the tenacity and wit of his intuitions will allow the anti-conformist, Commisioner Brocca, to unravel the threads of an investigation mired in the meanders of secret societies. Wounded by the breath of the past, for whom authority will never become law, will be carried away by the uncertain winds of redemption. From the borders of Vologne to the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the story meets bloody milestones: secret societies, gypsy princesses, new order and troubled love. At the deadly circles of power's ball, who wears the mask?

  • From start to finish, I was immersed in a breathtaking, disturbing sometimes, but extraordinary story.

    Sandrine Fiorina
  • Very good thriller, we pick it up and we never put it down.

    Joelle Maquart

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