A Frenchman, hostage in Qatar


This novel describes the injustice and sudden descent into hell. But also a preparation for the struggle to find my humour once more. It is also a love story.



At 50 years old, Jean-Pierre Marongiu thought that he succeeded in life. His professional career across the world, his social life - he is re-elected for 5 years as president of the 'French living abroad' for Qatar - and his family life. But castles built upon unstable ground always end up collapsing. Betrayed by his powerful business partner, member of the Qatar royal family, robbed of all his possessions by the slavery law of kafala, deprived from seeing his family for two years, Jean-Pierre is now incarcerated for an unknown duration in the central prison of Doha.

For not having followed his gut enough, his dream became his nightmare.

  • This testimony is shocking, moving, poigniant, revolting due to the lack of action by the political power.

  • Distressing! A shocking testimony.


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