Qatar: The forbidden story

'Dans la lignee de Midnight Express!'
Emmanuel Razavi, famous TV presenter.
Journey to the end of the Qatari hell
1744 days imprisoned in Qatar, almost 5 years of life stolen.



Detained in Qatar without trial for several years, the author reveals the truth of his incarceration in the central prison in Doha. He hides nothing. He doesn't cover up for anyone. He unveils his everyday life in this last step before and during hell. Daily promiscuity with jihadists, strange friendships with assassins through a chilling course, illegal traffic of all kinds, character correcting beatings, hunger strikes to prove overwhelming innocence, attempted prison escapes...Jean-Pierre Marongiu reveals, page by page, his ordeal endured all these years.

From this personal journey where hope and despair cohabited permanently, one will retain the inexorable rage to live to testify on the injustice and the unspeakable. So that France will never again hide behind a wall of indifference and contempt.

  • This book is captivating from start to finish. What great courage, will and love shown.

    Elisabeth Nondedeou
  • It's above all a life lesson in the middle of hell.

    Sophia Tsagaris
  • It's frightening and passionate. A must read.

    Ian Hamel

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