Biographie de Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Biographie de Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Born on the 24 of March, 1960 in Tunis, I am an entrepreneur and French author. Expert in management, I gave numerous conferences around Europe before creating a training company for management. Tricked by a Qatari investor that was imposed on me, I spent 5 years unjustly imprisoned in Qatar, before being freed in 2018.


Unjustly imprisonned in Qatar for five years, abandonned by the French government, I won my freedom thanks to my support in France and by my obstinacy to take to writing to tell the story of my ordeal.

I am 55 years old. Expert in management, I worked in several countries before settling in Qatar where I created a company in 2008.

In 2013, tricked by my Qatari associate, member of the royal family who is obviously untouchable, I was unjustly imprisonned for nearly 5 years. Abandonned by the French diplomacy, I attempted to escape several times and moreover wrote and published a book orally dictated to my wife in 2014 called Qaptif.

In 2018, I was suddenly forgiven by the Qatari Emir and upon my arrival in France I began writing InQarcéré, published in 2019. Far from being scarred, I tell the story of five years of injustice, violences, promiscuity with Islamist fanatics in direct contact with ISIS and above all treason from the quai d’Orsay.

My unusual experience makes me a unique eyewitness of the despotic power exercised by the Al-Thani family and thier activism to spread the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology by any means.

Today, I continue to denounce this state that invited itself to the table of great powers like France. Diplomacy, commands large French groups, investments, patronage…all of this is a facade to finance the construction of radicalised mosques, vertiable crucibles of terrorism on French soil.

My voice disrupts: in May of 2019, my TV appearance in “Les Terriens du Dimanche” with Thierry Ardisson was entierly censured by C8, the channel owned by Canal+ group.

French expatriates are true ambassadors of French culture, technology and economy around the world.


Portrait Jean-Pierre Marongiu

As an entrepreneur, I worked all around the globe and particularly in the Middle East. After several years, I chose to settle in Qatar where I founded my first management consulting company. I am back in France to launch a new professional adventure. Author, culturally rich from my many years of travel and passionate of literature since my childhood, I published my first novel “The Elite’s Punishment” in 2011. It was followed by three other works: a fiction and two autobiographical works.

Biographie Jean-Pierre Marongiu
Biographie Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Professional Life

Graduate from Arts et Metiers in Aix-en-Provence, I started my carreer managing a construction site in Panama for a company in Marseille, before continuing in this area on the project of the Trans-Panamanian pipeline between Chiriqui Grande and Charco Azul in Costa Rica. It’s the beginning of three years of professional exodus.

Subsequently, I participated in several offshore platform construction projects in Marseille, before being again called to work abroad on projects in Asia, Africa, South America and the North Sea.

In 2001, I moved to Angola where I founded my first company specializing in the energy and civil engineering sectors. After a few years, I opened branches in Bangkok and Doha. Which, in turn, led me to become the president of the “Union of the French Abroad” in Doha for five years.

I had developed an innovative management system where individual experience and competence are part of an established framework that protects the interests of society and the individual.

Biographie Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Internationally recognized management expert, I was harpooned at a conference in London in 2008. It was for Qatar Petrolium to create a training centre for those dedicated to management, with Qatar experiencing greater difficulties in leading teams of multinational and multicultural specialists. My reputation and profile made me the ideal candidate to lead this project.

The creation of my company in Qatar marked a turn of events in my life as a traveller, or more specifically, a sudden halt to my freedom to travel. Swindled by my Qatari associate, member of the royal family, I was unjustly imprisoned for five years.

Today, back in France, I am starting a new project: Euro Projects et Solutions Management.