We must evaluate the danger of a regime like that of Qatar, which hides its bad intentions behind a communication and a soft power extremely well thought out.

Jean-Pierre Marongiu
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Born on the 24 of March, 1960 in Tunis, I am an entrepreneur and French author. Expert in management, I gave numerous conferences around Europe before creating a training company for management. Tricked by a Qatari investor that was imposed on me, I spent 5 years unjustly imprisoned in Qatar, before being freed in 2018.

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Qatar, supporting my struggle

Discover why I fight against the Kafala law.

The Kafala system, which forces a foreign worker to have a local 'sponsor' who has absolute power over you, up to having control of your own passport, is an absurd and archaic system of slavery. This one transformed me from a successful entrepreneur to a criminal.

My Works

  • InQarcerated

    "Detained in Qatar without trial for several years, the author reveals the truth of his incarceration in the central prison in Doha. He hides...

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  • Qaptive!
    A Frenchman, hostage in Qatar

    "At 50 years old, Jean-Pierre Marongiu thought that he succeeded in life. His professional career across the world, his social life - he is...

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  • Le chatiment des elite

    The Elites’ Punishment

    "There are no circles of power in which wealth is not founded upon theft, usurpation and murder. In the endangered Republic, people are...

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  • Wind never changes direction…its man who sometimes turns his back on it.

    "A breathtaking thriller which has connections around the world and covers many generations. We encounter an anarchist police commissioner, a revolutionary hunchbacked teacher, a...

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My experience remains unknown to the general public today. But how does one explain that this situation, as terrible as ugly, did not cause a real media outcry.

Photo de Jean-Pierre Marongiu
Photo de Jean-Pierre Marongiu
9 April 2019

For Jean-Pierre Marongiu “Qatar is an Islamist tyranny”

For Jean-Pierre Marongiu “Qatar is an Islamist tyranny”. “Politicians refuse to confront the problem posed by Qatar: they all return from Qatar with trunks...

13 March 2019

Members of ISIS imprisonned in Qatar: “A masquerade for the Western media”

In October 2017, condemned to 7 years in a Qatari prison for checks without funds, Jean-Pierre Marongiu, a boss of a French company, reveals...

23 June 2014

Frenchman detained in Qatar, the new story that enrages

Increasingly relayed by the French media, the case of the Frenchman held in Qatar, for lack of exit visa, will not be discussed during...